Discover the Almadies: Real estate opportunities in Dakar’s most coveted neighborhood

The Almadies is an exceptional geographical district in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. It is considered as one of the best and most prestigious neighborhoods to live in. In fact, Almadies is located at the western end of the Cape Verde Peninsula and offers a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. The area is also known for its beautiful beaches, restaurants and luxury hotels.

The climate of the Almadies is very pleasant, with an average temperature of 25°C throughout the year. Residents also enjoy an excellent quality of life thanks to the proximity of shops, schools and health facilities. The Almadies is also well served by public transportation.

Because of all these characteristics, Almadies has become a real magnet for real estate investors, both local and international. Real estate prices are generally higher than in the rest of Dakar (1.5 to 2 times higher), but they offer potential profitability (between 6 and 7%) and very interesting capital gains.

The Almadies real estate market: an overview

The real estate market in Almadies is booming, with an increasing demand for residential and commercial properties. This dynamism and the district’s location are attracting more and more residents and businesses. Many real estate projects are underway, offering diversified and profitable investment opportunities.

The prices of properties in Almadies vary according to their location, size and status. Apartments and villas by the sea are particularly popular and can fetch considerable sums. However, it is also possible to find more affordable properties in the less prestigious areas of the district, such as the resettlement area near the Léopold Sédar Senghor airport. In this advantageous real estate environment, REALITES offers you the opportunity to purchase unique, prestigious apartments to maximize your return.

The rental market is also very dynamic in Almadies, with a sustained demand for quality housing. Rents are generally high but offer a good level of profitability for investors. Seasonal rentals, especially in tourist residences, are also an interesting option for those wishing to take advantage of the district’s tourist attractions.

Types of real estate opportunities in Almadies, Dakar

The Almadies offers a wide range of real estate opportunities, adapted to different investor profiles. The main real estate options are:

  • Apartments: they are available in different price ranges and standards, from studios to luxury apartments with a sea view. They represent an interesting option for investors who wish to take advantage of the dynamic rental market or for residents who are looking for a comfortable and well-located home.
  • Villas: Almadies is home to many prestigious villas, often located on the seafront or in secure residential areas. These properties offer a high potential for profitability, notably thanks to their high demand for seasonal rentals. They are also an excellent choice for investors looking for a second home or a family home.
  • Commercial premises: The economic development of Almadies and the increase in population have led to a strong demand for commercial premises such as shops, restaurants or offices. These properties can offer interesting returns to investors if their location and type of activity is well chosen.
  • Land: Available land in Almadies is rare, but it can be a great opportunity for investors who want to carry out a real estate project tailored to their needs. The construction of a residential or commercial complex can be very profitable if the cost and time of realization are well controlled. Prices range from 730,000 CFA (1 225 USD) francs to 1,800,000 CFA (3 020 USD) francs per square meter (1550 sq).

Main types of real estate projects under construction in Almadies

Several major real estate projects are currently under construction in Almadies, offering diverse and attractive investment opportunities. Among the most emblematic are:

  • Resort Projects: These projects offer high-end services and an exceptional living environment with breathtaking ocean views.
  • Tourist Residences: These residences, usually located on the seafront, offer furnished and equipped apartments for seasonal rental. 
  • Commercial and recreational areas: These include shops, restaurants, coworking spaces and sports facilities.

Tips for a successful real estate investment in Almadies

To make a successful real estate investment in Almadies, it is important to consider several key elements:

  • Choosing the right location: Location is a key factor in determining the profitability of a real estate investment. It is therefore essential to choose the most popular and dynamic areas of the neighborhood, considering your budget and objectives.
  • Analyzing the potential for profitability: Before investing, it is important to conduct a thorough study of the rental market and the prospects for capital gains. This will help determine whether the investment is profitable and what the best strategy is (long-term rental, seasonal rental, resale, or other).
  • Be accompanied by professionals: Investing in real estate can be complex, especially for foreign investors or people unfamiliar with the Senegalese market. It is therefore advisable to be accompanied by professionals in the sector, such as real estate agents, notaries or specialized lawyers.
  • Considerations: Real estate investment is not limited to the purchase price of the property. It is also important to consider incidental costs such as taxes, condo fees, renovations, and rental management fees.

If you wish to invest in Almadies or in any another district of Dakar, discover how to maximize your returns.

To conclude, investing in real estate in Almadies can be a wise choice for those who wish to diversify their investment portfolio and take advantage of a booming market. Almadies offers a unique living environment and a high quality of services that will attract the most demanding investors. Discover our real estate programs in Dakar, in the Almadies district.