Head Quater

For territories where everyone is fulfilled

REALITES is a territorial development group which, resolutely human-oriented, plays a bridge role between offers of innovative uses and real estate solutions. Through our philosophy, “Useful, now!” “, we affirm that it is essential to think the use before the work. For projects that sustainably contribute to the development of territories. For territories where everyone is fulfilled.

A singular positioning: Territorial developer

Being a territorial developer means creating, in the general interest and in line with the expectations of the territories and their inhabitants, intelligent projects associating the mix of uses with the quality of the works.

Understanding today’s uses, anticipating those of tomorrow

We provide pragmatic solutions to the needs of territories and residents: housing students, families, seniors; imagine solutions in the face of medical desertification; develop new work or learning spaces…

Our mission

Be useful everywhere, all the time, for the intelligent development of territories.

This mission takes concrete form every day through the design and construction of useful works, serving users and meeting everyone’s needs as closely as possible.

It has been included in our corporate mission statutes since January 2021.